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>all 40 bodies were burnt. the smoke that filled the air reeked of sulfur, gasoline, rot, burning plastic and flesh. what was done was necessary to do. if we abandoned our duty here, millions of people could suffer horrible, gangrenous, malignant, and slow deaths at the hand of our creation. that fact didn't make the act any easier to do.

>the subjects were all taken from a local Appalachian village, so rural it didn't even have a name on the map. many of the ones subjected to the treatment were inbred, stunted, or otherwise degraded in intelligence. these poor mountain men and their families were abducted, infected with the pathogen, and monitored by military research and medical staff until their expiration.

>the officers begged command to spare the children and women from the treatment. the chief researcher drummed up something about sexual or age-based dimorphism in the symptomatology, and that the research they were doing into the pathogen was a necessary evil. some of the staff, mainly the ones assigned to monitor for the mothers and children, mutinied. the ones unfortunate enough to survive the initial bloodbath ended up marked for death anyway. the official report states that they came into contact with samples of the pathogen, and were moved to quarantine for monitoring amongst the captured subjects. 

>the data obtained from the experiment unfortunately was what the military was looking for, and they've ordered another set of tests to help replicate the results and collect more data. God only knows what they're going to use this thing for.
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