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>At this point, there is no reason someone shouldn't be tearing your lungs out of your chest simply to watch you run out of oxygen you fucking piece of shit
>The fact that you haven't somehow ended up getting into a car crash with shards of glass intensely piercing your body and slicing through your organs is a testament to how there is no justice in this world.
>It's shit like this that already makes me want to crush your fucking kneecaps with an aluminium baseball bat.
>You're just asking for someone to pour a full tank of lighter fluid onto your body, with a lit match following shortly, and then you feel the pain of the heat burning your flesh off your human frame.
>I just fucking want to go and literally run you over with a car and fucking decapitate your worthless body.
>I feel like this is the most merciful response I can have to your presence.
>I seriously just want someone to fucking put a rope around your throat and literally swing you back and forth until you fucking snap and then tear your spine out of your body and beat you to death with it.
>You seriously just make me fucking sick, I just wish you'd fucking just die.
>I can't wait until you're just fucking hung in your own house by your family for being such a fucking embarrassment.
>I mean seriously, I would be satisfied with someone literally ripping your goddamn arms off and using them as a dildo.
>I would gladly burn your fucking house down with you in it while you feel the heat of the flames as they consume you you fucking abomination.
>Can't wait for another rogue tranitor to have a reddit tantrum and leak everyone's IPs so I can find where you live and analy rape you with an iron stick until your insides get so ravaged that you die a slow and painful death, you child molesting faggot.
>I just wish you would get fucking gutted like a fish you goddamn abomination
>Go fucking die.
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