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If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions for the site this is the best place to post them

Other than that this board has no set topic, so feel free to post whatever. 

Be seeing you.
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nigga this 'board will never take off just delete it
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>nigga this 'board will never take off just delete it
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>>nigga this 'board will never take off just delete it
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i recommend you to ban hardcore pornography. i don't want to see cp nor bbc all the time.
Replies: >>28
I'll probably add that. this is a site for science fiction not porn dumps. Although I think if I do people will just post porn anyways to annoy me.
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post the spacey's logo spoot i want to make a banner
Replies: >>38
We don’t really have a logo it’s just a random icon I grabbed of google
Replies: >>39
But I can upload it when I get back on my computer or some anon could make an actual logo for the site . This is my first time hosting anything like a forum or an imageboard so theirs a bunch of rough edges
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you WILL add this. idk if its the right size doe i just did 300 + 100 like the sharty
im going to make more later
btw i still want the logo post it as soon as you're on your computer or something
Replies: >>53
What file types are accepted?
Seems odd that a sf board won't allow epub.
Replies: >>52
You're right, I'll fix it.
Replies: >>54
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it has been added
Also, dear Rumpole:
pdf, lit, txt, mobi
and failsafe zip, rar, 7z.
Replies: >>57
I've enabled those mime types but I get an error when I try to upload them
hehe posting in a sticky i wish i had my own chan too
Replies: >>62
wanna be janny
it would be funny
Replies: >>63
I wanna see W7 deal with anyone
When /qa/ is has more posts than /scifi/ this isn't a SF site. Sharts never build, only wreck.
Replies: >>65
Do you have a suggestion to help change that or are you just mad that people are allowed to post funny cartoon man?
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Suggestions, sure:
1: Call the site Sharty redux
2:Have some scifi.

Not too complicated for three elderly gentlemen having sex?

Also, I bet you're not the real number two.Show  you wattles.  I always thought the real number one would turn out to be the dwarf butler. Universe disappoints always.

SF story idea: A robot tries to figure out how to spell disappoints and bursts into flames from a stack overfowl.
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