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>new j*rtyCUCK cp spamming hide out just dropped
dead site kek
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In a sprawling web of conspiracy theories and mythological connections, let's delve into an intricate narrative that combines elements from the Reptilian conspiracy, Robert E. Howard's Kull stories about the Serpent Men, GI Joe's Serpent-La, the Illuminati, Q-Anon, cryptids, and various historical snake gods.

Legend has it that deep within the shadows of human history, a clandestine society known as the Illuminati has held sway over world affairs, orchestrating events from behind the scenes. They are said to possess ancient knowledge and wield immense power. It is within their ranks that a group of Reptilian beings, shapeshifters from another realm, find sanctuary.

These Reptilians trace their origin to the Serpent Men of Robert E. Howard's Kull stories. According to Howard's tales, the Serpent Men were an ancient race of humanoid reptiles who once ruled the Earth in the prehistoric era. They possessed advanced technology and were masters of manipulation, able to infiltrate human society undetected. Though ultimately defeated by Kull, remnants of the Serpent Men managed to survive and went into hiding, awaiting their chance to reclaim their dominance.

Enter Serpent-La, a covert organization within GI Joe lore. Serpent-La, inspired by the Serpent Men mythology, is an elite group that uncovers and counters global conspiracies. Their primary objective is to expose the influence of the Reptilian beings who have infiltrated positions of power in human society. Serpent-La,
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It took you six users to ban someone?  Sad.
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>muh monstars women
>loli shota is banned
lemme guess is cub porn and zoophile furniggery allowed? why does this board hate 'muh tranime' so much
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wild W7erald
wGOD while I don't care for monster girl shit or AI coal serpent-men are spacey culture

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spoot, i've had it up to here with your neglect of the site, so i'm proposing the 6 board plan:

/scifi/ - our general home board, dedicated to soyfi. 100% fine to keep. add a sticky for good resources (such as the infographs on the /lit/ wiki).
/altfi/ - non-scifi, but still fiction. solarpunk, zelligpunk, soypunk, steampunk, etc. shit goes here. add a sticky for good resources (such as the infographs on the /lit/ wiki).
/ent/ - webring jakparty.soy's /ent/ and remove /metal/, that way users can discuss music there
/horror/ - keep horror, but make it focused more on books, perhaps with a sci-fi tilt. add a sticky for good resources (such as the infographs on the /lit/ wiki).
/soyance/ - remove this and webring with jakparty.soy's /soy/. it's the most active webringable soyjak hub.
/qa/ - rename to /general/, keep it as random and meta combined.
spoot do this
I don't plan on changing any of the boards yet

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the big bang didn't happen
(this gemerald was posted by alan woods and ted grant gang because... IT JUST WAS OK)

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test thread just testing

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it's frog friday

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cobson on the log
spoot delete this nas coal

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>tor unbanned
yep, it's gamer time

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marge what is trhis

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